Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ted Bake & friends

CX1, f5.0, 1/870, ISO 80, JPG, 28mm

Did not have much time for taking pictures today but I still managed to take a few as usual on my way to lunch.
The thing I like most about the CX1 is the fast AF, this come is very handy for street shots like this. If Ricoh can forther improve on this for the next GRD then I will finally have a worthy successor to the GRD I for street photography.


  1. Hi Cris,

    I told you you will love the CX1 AF speed ;) Now after the CX1 release, I believe it's just a taste of what's coming next. I have a strong suspicion that the GRDIII/GX300 will get similar (but larger) CMOS and so the AF and continuous mode speed will be dramatically improved also in these advanced Ricoh cameras. I'm sure people will no longer complain about the slow AF. LCD freeze or missing passive AF. After reading Sony marketing documents related to this new CMOS sensor, I think we can expect even faster full frame continuous mode in GRD/GX. Can you imagine 6-8fps in full frame? The CX sensor is theoretically capable of 30fps but I don't think we will get more than 10fps because the data rate is really extreme ;) To be honest, I would be quite happy with actual cx1 continuous mode speed in GRDIII RAW mode. But of course, the more the better ;)

  2. If only Ricoh can get a larger sensor, like Pavel mentions, I will be interested in another Ricoh camera. Especially since I have been photographing with the DP1 lately.

    And I know the DP1 has some serious flaws, but when you see the photographs.

  3. It's interesting overhearing all your comments. It's an interesting way to learn.

    I know nothing about photography, but I really find what you guys say informative.


    I'm looking forward to putting my toe in with the GX100 I recently bought :)


  4. Pavel, you were right about the CX1 AF. I hope the AF on the next GRD/GX cameras will be again improved and even faster, together with getting the shutter priority back it will please everyone who has been disapointed with the recent AF performance.

    Having the fast continuous mode is indeed very good and like you, I hope to see this implemented for RAW shooting in the GRD but also have the 120fps available in the video mode at HD resolution.

    Wouter, having a bigger sensor is indeed something we can hope for but I for one hope it will not be APS size. For me the best compromise is a 2/3" sensor, I like the big DOF you can get from smaller sensors and would not want to sacrifice this.

    Socket, this is good to know and I am glad you can learn soemthing from the comments. The GX100 is a great camera to start with and learn photography, the controls alone make it easy to experiment and try out new things.

  5. I see where you are going from Cristi and I know your preferences for a smaller sensor, because of the depth of field advantage.

    But I personally see no decrease in the amount of pixels and unfortunately more in-camera processing to cope with the noise. I think the GX200 is already worser then the GX100 and you have been mentioning the noise reduction of the R10 and the CX1 too.

    I do think that a 2/3" sensor will be a jump forward at lower ISO's, but won't be enough at higher ISO's. Ricoh has said that they really want to improve the image quality of their top cameras and I certainly hope it won't be a software thing.

    I am personally not considering replacing my GX200 with a newer model, but I aim to look at another camera next to the GX200 that is a significant improvement in image quality and will serve different purposes then GX200.

    At bright light and shadow subjects with the wish for huge depth of field the GX200 is all I need. But I do also like isolating subjects with the help of shallow depth of field without using the macro mode and I like a compact camera that is capable of doing so.

    I see know daily what the Sigma DP1 can already do at f/4 and without any competition that camera is going to become a classic. Unless Ricoh introduces a GRDIII that directly fights the territory of the DP1, but with a much faster lens and the CX1 AF speed (even in lower light).

  6. Wouter, you are right that having more MP and a slightly larger sensor will not be enough.
    While the Foveon is also not fantastic at high ISO it will perform much better than a 2/3" sensor.
    There is no simple solution and like you I think if Ricoh wants to compete with the Sigma DP, Olympus m4/3 or Samsung NX cameras in the future they will need at least one compact camera with large sensor or one with a different sensor technology. I hope the GX line will be the one to benefit from a bigger sensor and the GR line will get something different like a 2/3" b&w sensor and fast lens.
    So far it is good to see that Ricoh has improved their AF speed and refined their interface even more. For the sensor we will have to wait a bit more to find out.