Thursday, 7 May 2009

Under the Blue Bridge

CX1, f3.3, 1/8, ISO 800, JPG, 28mm

Maybe not my best picture with the CX1 but I did not have time to take too many pictures today. I do like it and especially the colors. There is too much noise reduction going on though so I hope Ricoh will release a firmware update that allows to turn the noise reduction off. It does look pretty good for a ISO 800 picture and it shows that the new multipattern AWB works very well.


  1. Hello Cris, you are rigth about the colors, but what I like more is the place where the photo has been shot. Where is it? Best, Marcelo

  2. This is a new installation installed in the last month, upstream of Blackfrias Bridge. It looks just as good in the night from the other side of the river. And unusually for a light installation, it works well as a piece of street art during the day with the concave mirrors reflecting the River Thames.

  3. Marcelo, the picture has been taken under Blackfriars Bridge.,+City+of+London,+London+EC4,+UK&vps=1&jsv=157e&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=8.334961,26.323242&ie=UTF8&geocode=Fe7-EQMdwGj-_w&split=0

    I have seen the works but was not sure what they were doing there so this was the first time I have seen the installation. I need to have a closer look by day.