Saturday, 30 May 2009

Snapshot or More?

CX1, f6.6, 1/810, ISO 80, JPG, 66mm

Today's picture is a simple snapshot, something people might take with the CX1. It is nothing special and I did not spend too much thought on it. Now what if you take a boring snapshot and process it, can it become interesting? This was the question I asked myself and decided to find out.
I took this picture while walking by and while it is a pretty boring picture by itself, I have tried to find out if processing it changes that. I wanted to give it a very processed look, almost Lomo like but still different. What do you think of this? Is it a interesting picture or does it remain a boring picture and can (over-)processing an image turn a simple snapshot into something more interesting or will it always be a simple snapshot?
One thing the processing does however is make this picture 3x bigger than the original size. I don't understand why some people say you can only really process RAW files, JPGs can be very flexible and you can push the files a lot.


  1. might have cloned out the pub sign.

  2. The pub sign is something I wanted to include in the picture, kind of like an open air pub.

  3. In my opinion a mediocre image will always be a mediocre image that can't be saved with some extensive post processing. I do however think that not all snapshots are mediocre. Often there are really good snapshots and those need no to little post processing.

    I still believe that most of the image is being made when you take the image.

  4. I agree with you Wouter, a medicore image will not get better through processing and a picture is indeed made mostly when you take it.