Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Building a Future

CX1, f5.2, 1/320, ISO 80, JPG b&w, 200mm

Ok, this is a very similar picture to the one posted yesterday and it is taken not too far from the one yesterday either. At first I did not want to use it because of this but in the end it is the picture I like most from today. Here the 200mm zoom was also very important to get the right depth in the picture.
This time it is a b&w picture out of the camera and just cropped and sharpened a bit.
So far the CX1 is great but I wish there would be a way to disable the noise reduction in the camera through either a option in the menu or RAW.


  1. Black and white pictures from CX1 don't look good to me. I guess the market that the camera is oriented to is not supposed to be interested in noises. For colour pictures especially in DR, the NR may work. Thanks for posting the pictures. We know how it performs in real world.

  2. Mike, no camera comes close to the GRD I b&w quality and the CX1 does not offer any settings over the Contrast and Sharpness for b&w images as the GRDs and GX200 do.
    The noise reduction is another factor where Ricoh has gone a bit overboard, I hope they can fix this since the CX1 is a fantastic camera otherwise.

  3. I prefer the previous shot - which was classic.

  4. You are right Yesbuts, the previous shot does work much better and I also prefer it.