Friday, 1 May 2009

Lines of Nature?

CX1, f6.9, 1/540, ISO 80, JPG, 85mm

I took the CX1 with me today. The first impressions are great, Ricoh always had a great interface but this has been improved even more here. The camera is very fast and I mean in every respect, especially the AF is now faster than on the GRD I. You can read more on my Ricoh GR-Diary News blog in the coming days.

I have edited this picture in Photoshop but will post some out of camera full size samples in the next few days, as soon as I get used to the camera more.


  1. I notice Ricoh have already issued a second firmware for the CX1. The question must be asked, did they rush it out to market too soon?

  2. After using the camera the whole day yesterday, I can say that Ricoh has not rushed it at all. They put a lot of thought into how to make the best use of the screen, fast processing the camera allows and have further improved their great UI.
    Ricoh is however always very quick to release a firmware update if there are problems reported, even minor problems where other manufacturers would just not care to fix them. If you read what has been fixed, this is all minor and would probably not affect many people at all.

  3. I admire the way they do fix problems, unlike as you say other manufacturers.