Thursday, 28 May 2009

Rays Through The Clouds

CX1, f6.2, 1/850, ISO 80, JPG, 200mm

I took this picture while having a drink in a pub near the heath. When I saw the rays coming through the clouds I thought it would make a very good picture. I really like the result but I had to use Photoshop to increase the contrast and brighten the shadows a bit.


  1. Outstanding shot Cristi and you have certainly been on a roll the last few days...I really loved the jail pictures. :)

  2. One thing can be said, we get great sunsets in London. Well captured.

  3. Niiice! Very beautifully captured.

  4. Excellent, Cristi ...and a great one for BW conversion also, perhaps intensifying the rays ?
    All the best,

  5. Thanks for your comments! I tried to intensify he rays by boosting the contrast.

    Thanks James, glad you liked the other pictures. I really like the b&w quality from the GRD I and really enjoyed taking pictures in the jail.

    You are right Yesbuts, the sunsets in London are indeed very nice.

    Nick, b&w could work very well and I have one just of the clouds so will try a b&w conversion to see how it works.