Tuesday, 19 May 2009


CX1, f5.8, 1/760, ISO 80, JPG, 177mm

Since moving to Canary Wharf I did not take that many pictures during lunch as I did in the City. It is not quite as inspiring a place so far, although I need to try taking some architecture shots. It provides me with the opportunity to spend more time in Greenwich Park however so this is why I have been taking quite a few of my recent pictures there.


  1. The image leaves the viewer with questions.

  2. Greenwich Park is to be used for the equestrian olymics, and I heard that it is to be closed to the public for 1 year for preparations. I guess that on this matter you agree with Princess Anne, who says it is nonsense and the horsey events should be held at Badminton where they are all set up to do it...


  3. Thanks for your comment Yesbuts, it is always good if a picture leaves the viewer with questions and I am glad this one does.

    Peter, on this matter I agree with Princess Anne and other people. I don't see why they would need to close the whole park fo 1 year if a part would suffice but at the end of the day why bother if there are already facilities for this elswhere.