Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 148 - City of Living, City of Ghosts and Concert for Christmas Past

The new year started with great sunshine and blue sky, a nice change from the grey sky in the past days and a very good way to start to the year.

The morning was spent around Hue, having coffee and taking pictures of people on their bikes from my bike.

A friend suggested we go to see the 'City of Ghosts' or Nghia trang An Bang (An Bang Cemetery), a big cemetery by the beach around 40km outside Hue.

Not to be outdone by the kings with their tombs and to keep the dead happy, people here have built huge mausoleums and tombs for them and their families. Most times these tombs are bigger and grander than the houses they live in.

They say it takes 3 days to see everything, it is that big, when you get there you certainly see why it would take that long as it is huge with some impressive and huge tombs and mausoleums built there.

After being quite bewildered by the sight but with understanding and some explanations of the culture it certainly seemed to make sense in a way.
After leaving and getting back to Hue it was time to go to the church to see a friend play the piano in a Christmas and New Years concert.

It was fun and interesting to hear some Christmas songs in Vietnamese and the show was well done. Afterwards it was driving around Hue, going to the spring market and having a beer in the evening.

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