Monday, 14 November 2011

Angkor - Day 1

Angkor Wat was the main thing to see during this trip and one of the things I had to see in life.
It is really impressive and I can only recommend everyone to go and see it at least once. It is difficult to show it in pictures how great the place is.
The whole of Angkor Park is massive and has lots of temples to see, from small to big. Angkor Wat is only one of these but one of the most impressive.

This is a series with a few pictures from the first day.
I will also post more picturs for the next 2 days and maybe do some more series in the future on it since I have too many pictures to effectively show in a single blog post.


  1. Shot No.1 is a classic image. Well taken. I like the overexposure on the sky. The statue exposure is just right.

    No.4 is incredible. Amazing tree sturcture. Those twisted branches and roots look as old as the temples. Really nice colour palette.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    The trees growig out f the temples are amazing and fit right there with the stonework, difficult to believe that they were not part of the design right from the start.