Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hoi An After the Floods

After half of the old town in Hoi An was flooded yesterday, the water retreated and the day was nice and bright today. It was great to see people all getting on with their business and cleaning up the mess.
If I would not have seen (and waded through) the flooded streets yesterday I would not have known of the flooding in some of the places.


  1. Wow Cristian! What a holiday so far, huh? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice photos! Random question! I'm going there in 2 weeks, how bad was the flood?!!

  3. Duane, it certainly has been a very interesting holiday so far, not as expected but these are always the most fun and memorable holidays.

    Darlz, thanks for your comment!
    The floods were not too bad, aside from wading through knee high water and the occasional power outages it was no problem.
    The people here are used to it and handle the situation very well.
    By the time you get there the rain should be over though.
    Have fun!

  4. A nice series of working people images. Good reportage.

    The lantern shot is lovely, well composed and a great result.

  5. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    I like reportage photography and always aim to show how people live where I travel.
    The lantern shot might be a bit cheesy but I liked it and so did the waiters at a restaurant where I had drinks while reviewing some pictures so it had to make it to the series.