Monday, 7 November 2011


Arrived in Hue after a night in the train and got out in the rain.

It started off with rain, it continued with stronger rain and finished with even more rain and flooding in between.
I guess this is not the best time to come here, I have never seen so much rain in one day.

Still, life goes on and so does the holiday. Despite the rain we set out to do some sightseeing and to take pictures.

This was one of the times when I could have used a weatherproof body and module for the GXR. The current body and Mout A12 moule did very well though and braved the rain better than me.

Hue is a great place even with monsoon-like rain so I can only imagine how much nicer it is when the weather is better.

Thanks for all the comments, I will reply as soon as I get the chance.

To get a different viewpoint have a look at Tom's blog here.

EDIT: My title was not very accurate, it should have been 'Flooding in Hue' instead of simply 'Rain'. Because of this I decided to post 2 bonus pictures to show the before and after of the street next to the hotel.

To put it in words, on my way out this morning I did not even get wet feet as long as I avoided the streams, of water, on my way back the water was knee high so there was no avoiding anything but wading though.


  1. Bill, this was the most rain I have seen and did not help to make it a hugely productive day both photographicaly or in terms of sighseeing.