Tuesday, 22 November 2011

People in Mong Kok

Just a few pictures from my walk around Mong Kok this morning, I wanted to have a theme so kept it to only these pictures for today.
Afterwards I went to the Walled City park and walked up to the Peak in the evening which was a bad idea (note to myself, next time walk down rather than up).

As a special I have a bonus picture of the Ginger Man.

I took pictures of him last time I've been here in 2008 (see one here) and was really happy to see him again. He either recognized me or always has a smile for people taking pictures of him but whatever the reason I hope to see him again next time I come to Hong Kong.

If you are in Hong Kong and wander around the markets in Mong Kok, keep an eye out for the Ginger Man.


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  2. (typos in the previous post...)
    All great shots!! I seriously think that you should move to HK cos your street shots taken here are so very vibrant and lively -- my cup of tea : ). The style is different from yours done in the UK; I just love the shots this way better -- surely the UK style has its market too ; ).

  3. I love market scenes. These shots are full of life and animation. Can almost smell and hear it all.

    Great looking characters.. Love their faces and expressions.

  4. Thanks for your comments Nevin and Bill!

    Nevin, we had the chance to talk in person but HK is one of my preferred places for street photography next to New York so this shows in my pictures.
    If all goes well, I might move to HK soon so you'll see more of these pictures.