Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Visit to Tai O

I took the ferry to Mui Wo and then the bus to Tai O where I spent most of the day wandering around and taking pictures. In the end I did not take all that many pictures but enjoyed the walk.


  1. Second shot for me is excellent. Slightly overexposed in that hazy brightness, adds something to this shot.

    The long footbridge is very well composed, highlighting the awesome perspective whilst keeping the person on the right and looking to the right. That's photography class text book stuff. LOL

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    The 2nd shot I really like, the haziness comes from the overexposure but also the lens has a slight haze inside so makes this more pronounced.

    The footbridge being a photography text book stuff is interesting, never though of it or read a photography class text book either ;).