Friday, 25 November 2011

Tablet Photography

I understand taking pictures with your phone but I will never understand how people think it's a good idea to hold a massive 10" tablet in front of your face to take pictures with. What's even more puzzling is that cameras found in tablets are really poor compared to even the cheapest phones. It is fun to see though as it looks pretty silly.


  1. Tablet photography may be closer then we are aware. It reminds me of my 8x10 Deardorff with the screen. Some of the software is amazing and that along with Internet access, could make a cool camera. It's the lens that fails. If they develop a real lens, then tablet photography will take off.

    I was shooting Occupy Philly and a guy was there shooting with a tablet. We talked and as he made photos, he sent them to the net in seconds.

    It may not be for hard core shooters but made with a good lens, the press etc will redefine the way things work.

    Imagine writing a story, making photos, processing everything and then.... off it goes....

  2. Probably it's that good feeling to hold big screen in front of the face and frame the picture.

    Taking HD video using the iPad is quite fun, the quality is poor though.

    I actually like looking at iPad while taking photos with iPhone, the only app that does this is BlueCam.

  3. Thanks for the interesting comments!

    I see the benefits of real time uploading but this can be done with a smartphone better and without the need to hold a massive piece of glass in front of your face.
    I think using a Eye-Fi card and a proper camera in combination with a tablet in your bag is the best way to do this.

    Tablets are great for re-viewing and showing photos so they do have a place in photography (and the best tablet for this is the ASUS Transformer).

  4. It does seem rather awkward but imagine a tablet with the sensor and lens from a Nokia N8. Excellent IQ, apps to edit and post straight to the web.
    Just like on my Nokia but with a bigger screen.
    Actuallt my LGG SLate does fairly well at it too.
    My N8 IS a LOT easier to carry though;)

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  7. Dang I tried to post an image I shot with my tablet but it does not allow it
    Here is the URL

  8. Thanks for your comment and for posting the picture Lili!

    The picture came out very nice.

    It never occurred to me to hold a big slab of glass in front of my to take a picture, considering the poor cameras and shutter lag. I think smart phones are much better suited for this task and the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone is one of my favourite apps on it. Not sure I would like to take pictures with my Asus Transformer though.

  9. This guy I saw in Brussels seemed busily snapping away with his tablet

  10. Thanks for your comment and picture Adrian!

    I see more and more people with tablets taking pictures so maybe it's worth doing a series on it.