Saturday, 26 November 2011

First Ricoh HK Meetup

Today, was the first Ricoh meetup in Hong Kong so let me start by saying thanks to Nevin and Laikok for organising this meetup.
There were only 20 seats available but over 100 applications for this meetup.

Unlike the last London meetup we had a wider variety of Ricoh cameras with the GRD cameras being the most prominent, followed by the GXR with M mount and then some GX200 and CX cameras.

There was a relaxed atmosphere and some games and speeches held by some of the local bloggers, including Nevin.
Since my Cantonese is none existent I could not follow all of it but it was great to talk to some of the people attending.

As a treat for the people joining this meetup Ricoh released some information about the upcoming GXR zoom module.
The official announcement will be on Monday so you have to wait till then for all the details but you can get a very good idea what to expect from reading my last London meetup report.

With this my holiday is over and tomorrow will be my flight back to London.


  1. I'm looking forward to Monday's announcement! Thanks for sharing this Crisitian!

  2. Good report, Cris! And let me tell you: Happy Birthday!

    Abrazo desde Argentina.

    PS: I love my GX200 A LOT.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes Marcelo!
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your GX200.