Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Water, Lots of Water

Woke up this morning without power in the hotel and water almost in the reception area, the good news was that it stopped raining.
By the time I finished breakfast the water levels went down a bit although it was still not possible to leave the hotel without getting wet feet.
Rather than stay longer in Hue we decided to stick to the plan and leave for Hoi An, for this we had the hotel arrange a car for us. we took some pictures along the way.

The weather was nice and sunny although the flood waters were visible everywhere along the way.
Once we arrived in Hoi An we found out that half of the old town was flooded, not getting discouraged we decided to go out and take some pictures anyway even if it meant wading through more water.

This is a series depicting the day and focusing on scenes with water in them (not that I have a lot of pictures without water in them). It is a longer series but I wanted to give a good overview of the situation we have been in.

I have a lot of respect for the Vietnamese people who despite all this flooding and having no electricty at the hotel were always friendly and managed to help us out with everything possible. Even the people we saw who had their houses flooded anyway had a smile and made the best out of the situation. Live just goes on here without too much fuss. I hope my pictures can show this.


  1. Crist, hope that you'll see more sunshine and less flooding. I was almost in Hoi An back in August. More luck for your trip. Nevin

  2. Thanks Nevin, the rain stopped while in Hoi An.
    While not gtreat it was at least an interesting experience.