Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ha Long

Another set from Halong Bay, I got up early to catch the sunrise.
In the afternoon we'll return to Hanoi so the cruise will come to an end. Hanlong Bay is amazing and more than worth the trip there.

On another note, in one week we'll have a Ricoh meetup in Hong Kong so if you are around have a look here for more details: Ricoh HK Meetup
Thanks to Laikok and Nevin for helping me organize this.

I am planning to organize more Ricoh meetups when I travel so more people from around the world have the chance to join and not only people from London.


  1. The first shot looks so timeless, like it could have been taken anytime in the last fifty years.

    The seascapes are amazing. I would love to see these places one day. My wife wants to visit Vietnam; so maybe next time I am in the Japan area I will try and experience these amazing views.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    I was quite lucky to get the first shot and converted it to b&w to give it a more timeless look, glad that it worked.

    If you get the chance I would definitely recommend to visit Vietnam and Halong Bay.