Sunday, 13 November 2011

River Views

After too short a stay in Phnom Penh it was time to board the boat and head to Siem Reap in the morning.
It was a great trip and much nicer than taking a plane or bus. This series is a collection of pictures I took from the boat to give you and idea of what you can expect to see.


  1. Beautifull reportage and I assume the 50 mm canon is from the canon rangefinder series. I myself use a 50mm 1.5 and the canon 50mm 1.2. As wonderful as the first is, so soft is the second. On your GRX the results are really splendid. Keep them coming

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Glad you like the series, the views were great.
    The Canon f1.8 is indeed the Leica screw mount lens, you can see a picture on my Travel Kit post.