Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Angkor - Day 2

We spent the day seeing some of the places a bit further out and started the day with a hike to see the carvings on the waterfall.


  1. The texture and feel of the second shot is interesting... Creates a nice 'placeless' abstract image.

    Nice dark brown shades on the third shot. Amazing texture to the temple stonework.

    Its amazing how the ivy and trees have blended into the temple, half hiding it. I wonder if this is 'pruned' and kept under semi-control.

    The last shot is nice... the blast of over exposed sunlight seems to work well in monochrome.

  2. I can see you had the same challenges shooting in this incredibly high contrast jungle setting. It forces you to get creative and work with things like blown highlights and high key images. I also like the photo with the sun in the upper left corner. That really captures the essence of the setting.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    It is not always easy to shoot the temples due to the very high contrast but also the need for a really wide angle to capture it all in. I was really happy to have the CV Heliar 15mm with me.