Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 33 - Lion Grove and Evening at the Canals

I started off the morning with a visit to the 'Lion Grove Garden', which was a expected packed with tourists and tour groups so it was at times very difficult to find a quiet spot and enjoy the garden. It was still a mostly grey day so again not ideal for photography but one has to work with what's available.

Afterwards I headed to meet a Friend for lunch, we had a late lunch but were at the restaurant eating and chatting almost till the Chinese dinner time. Thanks John for the great lunch and for your help with everything  before and during my China visit!
It was great to catch up and have a very nice lunch, his meant that I did not do that much photography though.

After the extended lunch, I did head back to Pingjian Street to take some more pictures and try some long exposures at night.

Tomorrow will be my last full day in Suzhou and depending my train schedule might see the last pictures from Suzhou.

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