Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 45 - The Big Sleep

My efforts to locate a working plug or to convince the staff to fix the plugs were in vain so it meant I could not use my gadgets and even the cameras I needed to watch out and not go through all my spare batteries.

This meant that it was a long and boring day, I spent most of it sleeping and lying around. It was not bad as I needed a break but I would have rather have a break somewhere more comfortable and with some electricity.

The landscape was nice but most of the day I hardly paid attention and was just lying and listening to the train music program as this was the only entertainment to be had.
This and trying to communicate with the girl in my compartment, which did not really work out very well.

Getting to Nanning, I headed straight to the ticket office in the hope to catch the twice weekly train from Beijing to Hanoi but it was due in Nanning only tomorrow.
The original plan was to head to Guilin for a few days anyway before I decided to change it and spend more time in Vietnam. Since I had to spend the night either here on on a train, I decided to board the train to Guilin and head there anyway.

Lucky for me, getting soft sleeper tickets also allows the use of the soft seat waiting lounge so I found a plug there and could charge my gadgets.


  1. Thank you for taking your readers around, Cristi. I've been secretly enjoying your photos and reports!

  2. Thanks for your comment Nevin!

    Glad you enjoyed following the trip so far.