Monday, 16 September 2013

Day 41 - Taipei 101

After arriving back to Taipei from Kaoshiung and having lunch, the destination for the day was Taipei 101 and enjoying the views. A lot of cities look the same from above but it's always a worth experience.

It was a fairly clear day so the views from the observation desk were very nice but in order not to bore you with just pictures from above, I did what I usually do an focused on the people there and tried to incorporate some other details.

You can see really far from the first observation platform and the few clouds in the sky provided a nice contrast for taking pictures.

Unlike other high buildings in places like New York, the 101 stands quite alone towering over everything so nothing you can see comes even remotely close to it in terms of hight.

After visiting the open air observation deck and the Tuned Mass Damper, which (sadly?) did not move, it was almost time for the sunset so the decision was easy to just stay a bit longer and take in the sunset.
The sunset was not very spectacular but once all the lights were on the city looked great from up here and provided great opportunities for photos.