Saturday, 28 September 2013

Day 53 - You Never Walk Alone

Waking up with a bit of a heavy head after all he rice wine and to a heavy rain, I was glad it was till early and we were not due to head off until later.
Once everyone was up an we had our breakfast, the weather was also looking much better.

The fun (or annoying) thing about Sapa and in particular walking with a guide is that you always attract and entourage of people following you in the hope to sell you stuff later on.
You can always make use of this situation however and hire them as a guide or just if you need some company for your solo hiking.

Despite the rain, the terrain was not too muddy or slippery and side from a part while walking through a bamboo forest it was easy going.

One thing I don't like about tours is that you are not fully flexible or free to do as you want so you need to head onwards to make the lunch point and then get crammed into a bus for the drive back rather than have the option of a walk back.

Still, it was a great experience an a lot of fun so I am glad I met everyone before an on this tour.
While everyone is getting ready to head back to Lao Cai for the train to Hanoi, I will have another two day or more here in Sapa to enjoy the landscape and people here.

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