Monday, 23 September 2013

Day 48 - Good morning Vietnam!

Sometimes one needs to read the destination of where exactly a train is going to dump you at 5am. In case of the Nanning train, it is at Hanoi's Gia Lam station, which looks like a building site and is in the  iddle of nowhere, 3km away from the actual city centre you want to be at.
Arranging a pick up service through the hotel is only then going to work if you give them the correct station, otherwise you have to haggle with taxi driver early in the morning.

After making it to the homestay despite the pick up not working as expected due to the station mix up, I realised I was located literally jut around the corner from the last hotel I stayed at while in Hanoi.

Having been to Hanoi before and seen most of the sights, I decided to just go for a stroll without any particular destination in mind. It is nice to revisit places as it frees you from the need to go and visit the sights and instead you can just soak in the atmosphere.

Hanoi is really busy and loud with crazy driving but I like it and find it's a very nice place. One thing I noticed was different than during my last visit is the number of tourists now in Hanoi.

After spending the day walking around Hanoi, I decided to change my itinerary again and stay longer in Vietnam, although this means extending my visa.

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