Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 40 - Lotus Lake and Cijin Island

Woke up in the morning to head to Zuoying and walk around the Lotus Lake, this got recommended and the temples and pagodas looked very nice in photos.

The temples built on to the lake looked great, especially from a distance but from close up  found them a bit kitschy in a way and they reminded me of fun fair attractions where you walk through the mouth of a tiger or dragon to get to your ride.

It was very interesting to see and quite a departure from other temples I have seen in China or Japan but I was not quite sure what to make of it. I could not shake the feeling that they looked fake and a bit commercial rather than being proper temples.

There is also nothing much to see around the lake otherwise and there are not even a lot of shops or cafes nearby, especially at the north end of the lake.
So after walking all around the lake and seeing all temples, I figured I had seen enough and headed back to Kaoshiung to take the ferry to Cijin Island before it got too late.

Cijin Island was very nice with the market, lots of nice seafood restaurants, the sea and people out and about. It is certainly worth seeing and I should have gotten there earlier as the lighthouse was already closed by the time I got up there. I still managed to find my way in the darkness from the lighthouse to the fort, which provided a great view over the island and Kaoshiung. So despite t being late, I would say the view from there is worth going up even after dark.

Once I took in the view and some long exposure photos, I headed back to Kaoshiung and had a nice ice dessert before taking some more pictures at the Dome of Light (I really like the colours there).

Tomorrow morning, I will be heading back to Taipei for a few days before taking the ferry back to Xiamen.

As you would have noticed, keeping my blog up to date (or even close to that) proves quite a challenge and with me being around so much, I hardly have time to sort through pictures and internet access is also patchy when I do have time to post.

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