Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day 43 - Goodbye Taiwan

What turned out to be photographically my least productive day so far on the journey, started with a grey sky and rain.
This called for the best way to spend a day like this, by going to a museum and what better museum than the Palace Museum to see the Chinese history over 6000 years.

Since photography is not allowed in the museum there are not many photos I can share from how I spent most of my day but the visit to the museum is well worth it and one of the must see things in Taiwan.
There is really a lit to see there with different exhibitions and exhibits and even some interactive elements, although it could do with more of those. The time I had was barely enough to see the main exhibits and some other few bits.

After losing track of time in the museum and having to rush for my train in Taipei to get to Taichung on time, I was left at the station far outside town without a connecting train to the port but only 45 minutes to get there.
A (too long) taxi drive later I stood in the passenger terminal and managed to get the people in the ticket office as they were about to leave. They were nice enough to give me a ticket before we discovered that I did not have enough cash with me and there was no ATM anywhere in sight.
Thanks to some very helpful security guys there and the girls on the counter, I managed to (slightly over-) pay with a combination of NT$, RMB and EURO for my ferry ticket and get on the ferry with some time to spare.

So this is another lesson learned, if you take the ferry go to and depart from Keelung as the port is just 2 minutes from the rail station, there are ATMs available and it is quicker and cheaper to get there. The downside is that the boat only goes there every 4 days.
This or you could just get to Taichung with enough time to spare and have enough cash with you, so whatever you think is easier or more adventurous. ;)

Last but not least, thanks Jenny for everything and showing me around (all the food places)! :)


  1. I am enjoying following journey immensely, Cristian.
    How is the Surface holding out. If you have time, I would be very interested in a brief run-through of your workflow (card onto surface, edit, discard some, backup/ HDD storage).
    All the best and looking forward to the next phase.

  2. Thanks for your comment Martin!

    The surface is holding out great, very durable and just works. Would be great with a bigger drive but otherwise I can't complain.
    My workflow is the one I posted here on my blog, this is usually what I do. I use a Eye-Fi reader to transfer the photos over and a 2.5" USB drive fir backup initially but not only to store the pictures and my only backup is Flickr for my best photos.