Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 51 - The Sound of SaPa

Sometimes you only realise how badly you needed a break from the city when you are in a place where the only sound you hear is the wind and a river or waterfall in the distance.

Coming to Sapa was exactly what I needed as I started to feel less creative and inspired by the various cities I visited. It was just having a constant noise level of cars, scooters, the persistent honking and masses of people everywhere around me what started to become too much.

Sapa is great so far, not only is the landscape amazing, it is quiet and the people here are also great. I did take a lot of pictures and did not want to stop taking pictures, at least till I got to a quiet spot along a river near Cat Cat village where I jut sat down and enjoyed the sound of the water and having nobody around.

While it's the landscape that grabs your attention at first, it's the people living here that are really what is special about this place.
The Hmong people are simply great and seeing parts of their culture is fascinating, it is just sad to see that they seem to waste their skills and potential in making and selling trinkets to tourists and being treated like tourist attraction.

Walking around Sapa and cat Cat village was great and just what I needed after being through so many cities recently, a different pace and seeing a completely different culture. I can't wait to explore and see more of Sapa and the surrounding villages but also finding out more about the Hmong people and other ethnic groups in this area.