Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 31 - A Day of Rain

There had to be a day like this with bad weather, uninspired to take pictures and spending a lot of time in transport. The great thing about the day is that I met with Christian, a fellow Ricoh photographer and blog follower in Shanghai for dinner.

Waking up in the morning it was raining quite heavily so I waited a bit in the hope it might stop. After a while decided to head out anyway and see what I could do with the weather, it turned out that aside from getting wet there was not much to get out of this.

So I spent most of my last hours in Hangzhou at a cafe, having coffee and looking out in the rain.

Heading to Shanghai, I arrived in Hongqiao and had to make my way into the centre to meet Christian for dinner and also be closer to Shanghai main station to catch my train to Suzhou in the evening. The travel from Hongqiao took quite a while and was also during rush hour so not ideal.

The dinner however was great and is nice to have a chat with Christian about Ricoh cameras, photography and other things. A thanks here to Christian for the nice dinner and enjoyable chat.
This is something that I enjoy a lot and one of the best things that came out of me starting my blog. IT's always great to see the people commenting and reading my blog but also meet other like minded people.

So despite the rain and what turned out to be my worst photography day (in quality and quantity) on this trip, I had a great day overall.

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