Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 42 - Tea Mountain and Night Market

As you can see from the picture above, I took the cable car up a mountain and did not hike. yes, I took the convenient way up but did not feel like hiking all the way as I have done on Huashan.
The mountain in question is the Maokong mountain in Taipei where you can see some nice temples, lots of tea houses and the Tea Promotion Centre, here you get a free tea tasting and can learn more about the local teas.

It was a nice day for a trip out of the city as it was warm but not too sunny so doing a bit of light hiking was enjoyable.
The first stop was Zinan Temple and from there in search of  'potholes' a hike to Maokong station for tea tasting and lunch.

The hike was mostly along the main road so not very demanding but it was quite peaceful and enjoyable due to almost no traffic. The views were very nice along the way and you can discover quite a bit if you keep your eyes open.

The potholes were a bit strange and without knowing the full background I was not hugely impressed (you can see for yourself above) but it was quite nice overall.

After taking the cable car down and enjoying the views by night of Taipei and the towering 101, the next stop for the day was the night market in Shilin for a browse around.
The market is pretty cool and as with all those markets, there is always plenty of stuff to see, photograph and buy. I focussed on the seeing and photographing part and let others do the buying. ;)

Tomorrow will be my last day in Taiwan and I will be taking the ferry from Taichung to Xiamen, should all go well. In case there are unexpected delays,  I guess you will get more posts from Taiwan. :)


  1. Hi Cris, any chance you can share the story behind the potholes?

  2. Hi Pavel, I could not find much about them online but will see if I can write more about them.