Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 49 - Museums and Temples

The great thing about Haoi is that most of the main sights are close to ach other and it's easy to walk everywhere and see a lot in one day. Despite this, I decided to take it easy again and just go to the Temple of Literature and the Ho Chi Minh museum.

While the Temple of Literature is very nice and worth a visit, I was not very impressed with the Ho Chi Minh museum as the information seemed a bit light and I did not feel like it provided enough value.

From the video clips and quotes shown I can gather that Ho Chi Minh was quite a cool guy who would have probably not liked seeing the museum and mausoleum built in his name.
Still, I would have preferred to find out more about him and bis life in the museum but did not feel like there was much of that there.

It was nice to just do some light sightseeing, the weather was also a bit dull and grey with some occasional drizzle and rain in the evening so not great or inspiring for photography.

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