Friday, 7 February 2014

Day 185 - Ride Back to Khe Sanh

Got up early again to leave Hue and head back to Khe Sanh and Lao Bao for another try at the border crossing with my bike.

It's been a hot and sunny day so the ride to Khe Sanh was very pleasant and  I took my time since there was no rush.

Like last time round , I took QL49 and the route via A Luoi since it's more scenic and with the holidays over there is much more traffic on QL1 and it would not be any fun to go that way.

After checking into a guest house, I went to Lao Bao to check out the market near the border but it was not very exciting and most was already closed by the time I got there.

My next try to cross the border with my bike will be tomorrow morning and if not I will cross on foot and try to get a bus on the Lao side to Savannakhet or somewhere towards it. Maybe I can find another bike on the other side of the border to buy should there be any trouble to take my bike with me. After the freedom a bike affords, it will be difficult to get into a bus for hours.


  1. Nice shots again. What else can I say but I love to see them. Thanks for posting them so regular.

  2. Thank for your comment and for following my travels!