Monday, 10 February 2014

Day 188 - Local Bus to Pakse

After a relaxed breakfast and morning walking around the town, I went to the bus station to get the ticket to Pakse.

I decided for Pakse because it is from where I will cross into Thailand once my adventures in Laos are over and I can rent a motorbike there and return in the same place.

Renting a motorbike has become essential after the bus journey to Pakse, I had to take the local bus to Pakse and this was a pretty bad journey. Being squeezed in a packed bus for over 5 hours with no leg room in the heat of Laos is not fun, sitting on the sack of potatoes on the first bus was actually more comfortable. I really missed the freedom and comfort my motorbike provided when in Vietnam.

Since the journey to Pakse took most of my day and then trying to find a guesthouse that was a) not full and b) not overpriced meant I did not do much photography.
The first impressions of Pakse is that it's more touristy than Savannakhet but with less things to see in the actual city.

Tomorrow,  will rent a motorbike and head to the Bolaven Plateau for a few days to do the big loop before heading south to the 4000 Islands or Champasak or both.

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