Saturday, 15 February 2014

Day 193 - One of the 4000 Islands: Don Khong

After finishing the Bolaven Plateau lop a lot faster than expected I decided to head further south and check out the 4000 Islands.

The first biggest island Don Khong is easily reachable by boat and car ferry, I opted for the car ferry as it seemed the easiest with my motorbike although they have smaller boats tat can carry motorbikes on them.

The island itself has one main town Muang Khong where all the guesthouses and restaurants are and another town on the other side of the island Muang Saen from where you can see Cambodia.

After having coffee and checking in to a guest house, I took my bike and went to take photos of the sunset in Muang Saen.

At first I decided to have dinner there but the main restaurant there had higher prices than all the tourist places in Muang Khong,  decided to head back there instead.

Overall coning from Vietnam, Laos is a very expensive place when it comes to food and also petrol. Compared with western prices it's very cheap but for me it feels quite expensive after my time in Vietnam.

Tomorrow, I'll decide if I want to stay another day on Don Khong or head to Don Det and Don Khon instead for a day or two.

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