Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 201 - Sukhothai Historical Park

At first I planned to get up and head to the park for sunrise but I needed some sleep and decided to bring my blog up to date. This meant I only got to the park at around lunchtime rather than the morning.

The park is split in 4 sections, the main Central section, a South, North and West section and the museum, all cost extra so you need to decided what you want to see.

Since I didn't exactly know what would expect me and how big everything is, I decided to focus only on the Central section given the time but declined the offer to rent a bike and figured I needed some exercise anyway.

Since I only focused on the Central section where all the best parts are anyway and the central part was not huge, it meant I could take my time and try different angles and perspectives for everything.

A lot of people rent bikes but it is small enough to comfortably walk it even in the heat it's not a big problem.

The park itself is quite impressive and reminded me a lot of Angkor Wat and Ayutthaya (but bigger than  Ayuthaya), you have quite a lot to see and all the different temples have their own design and different statues.

Since I missed the sunrise, I decided to stay for the sunset instead but overall given the way most temples and statues face, sunrise seems to be the best time for taking photos. This means I will be here for the sunrise tomorrow for some more photography.

A word of warning for everyone wanting to stay for the sunset and decided to stay in new Sukhothai like me, the last bus leaves at 18:00 and afterwards you have to pay 5x the price for a tuk-tuk or walk the 12km.
In hindsight, I would have just stayed in old Sukhothai as there are enough places to stay and eat there and there is nothing to be gained by staying in new Sukhothai.

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