Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Day 196 - Back to Pakse and the Market there

Started the day easy and with a relaxed breakfast before going to get the boat back from Don det, this involved a lot of arguing about the price and I ended up overpaying but this is life if you only have one guy with a boat capable of carrying a motorbike.

The way back to Pakse was long but uneventful and I have mostly been taking it easy and cruising along without taking many photos.

Once in Pakse I have tried to find the bus station from where the bus to Ubon Ratchathani departs but it moved so I was not able to find it. Then it was about finding a guest house but not before taking some photos around the market, being a bit lazy I took them all from the motorbike and not while walking around the market.

Eventually I found a guesthouse offering everything I was looking for and not charging too much but it was pretty far away from the main center but a bit closer to the bus stop that I finally managed to track down.

In the morning I will be heading out of Laos and on to Thailand, to Ubon Ratchathani first and in the evening to Bangkok via and overnight train.

I have to say, I like Laos but will not miss it particularly as I am Vietnam and some other places, there is also no rush to go back. Somehow it did not click with me and I found it too touristy, mostly French tourists.

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