Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 198 - The Day After the News in Bangkok

After arriving with the train at 6 in the morning, I walked to my hotel and chilled for a few hours. Once I was out on the street looking for a place to get breakfast, I got to see what happens the day after the news and the aftermath of what I saw on TV before leaving Pakse.

There were overturned cars, people were painting in the national colours, leaving notes on them and some just posing in front of them for photos.

It was all quite interesting and I kept taking photos while completely forgetting to go and get breakfast. But this is the kind of thing I like photographing, something you can't find in a guide book and something current.

After a while people started blowing their whistles and rushing to a side street so I headed there, too. It turns out the forensics police team and news teams arrived in front of one of the barricades.

They came to investigate the shootings and killings that took place and gather evidence, the protesters were showing them around and allowed them to go where they needed to do their work.

I kept taking photos and at some pint I guess  even made it on TV when everyone with the camera teams were walking past and around me to go to another one of the crime scenes.

This was one of the most productive days in terms of photography and I not only filled up my SD card but also had to go back to the hotel and charge my camera in between.
For me it was a very interesting day as I also got to chat with some of the people around, although briefly as their English was not always perfect but they were all nice.

I walked through some other areas in Bangkok where they have the demonstrations but for the post, I decided to keep it all from one place.

Getting sidetracked with the protest photos meant that I did not make it to the Myanmar embassy to gt m visa so will have to stay another day in Bangkok but this is not such a bad thing.