Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 195 - Around Don Khon and Don Det

After sleeping in, something I haven't done in a while despite being on 'holiday' as such, I went for a walk around Don Khon but the heat quickly made me turn back and chill for another while.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go and see everything there is to see on the island, from the waterfall, temples and beaches.

Despite having some touristy areas and quite a beach holiday kind of feel to it, the landscape around the island and the waterfall is great so it makes for a nice visit.

Especially the south of the island offers some very nice views across the Mekong and the mountains in Cambodia.


Don Det on the other hand is hotel after guesthouse, after bungalow, after bar so not very interesting and I was glad not having stayed there. The best is to head quickly over the railway bridge to Don Khon when you arrive there but Don Khon makes for a nice relaxing few days with some interesting things to see and do to occupy yourself in between chilling.

Still, for me it was only one day chilling and tomorrow it's time to head back to Pakse and then leave Laos and head to Thailand.

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