Saturday, 8 February 2014

Day 186 - Saying Goodbye

Today, it was time to say goodbye.
Goodbye to a great country and it's people, I will surely miss Vietnam now that I am in Laos.

I also had to say goodbye to my trusty motorbike, unfortunately the Lao immigration did not let my Vietnamese motorbike through so I had to leave it behind with a friend but at least it's in good hands.

Now I am back on public transport and after taking a local bus from the border to Sepon and sitting on a sack of potatoes for an hour, I missed my motorbike a lot and the comfort and convenience.

As usual with what you rad on the internet about Laos it's not always what you find when you get there. I read that Sepon is a good place to break up the journey from the border to Savannakhet but all there is to it is a dusty main road and a market, not much else.

So after having a quick lunch and wander around town, I took the next bus out of town and to Savannakhet.

Well, the next bus was not a bus as much as a songthaew but I was lucky enough to get a seat inside in the front and not the back for the 4 hour ride to Savannakhet.

Arriving in Savannakhet in the evening, I only had time for some dinner and to find a guesthouse for the night.
More exploring and possibly getting a motorbike will be dine tomorrow.

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