Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Day 203 - Chiang Mai

Only had a few hours of sleep before the train arrived in Chiang Mai early in the morning. The hotel I booked offered a free pickup service but somehow I didn't see the driver so decided to just walk the 3km and get a coffee on the way.

The walk was actually quite good and interesting in that it showed me how many Farangs (foreigners) there really are in Chiang Mai. It was actually hard to see Thai people, the city was full of tourists. This kind of made my decision on how long to stay here easy and I decided to head on tomorrow.

Another thing I manged to see early on is that Chiang Mai is full of temples and some very nice ones at that. After checking in to my hotel, I set out for a walk around the city to explore it a bit and see some of the temples.

Most of my time was spent walking around in the old part of town and around the moat surrounding it, if you look past all the foreigners it is actually a very nice place with many bars and cafes dotted around. I guess you can say the bars and cafes are there because of the many tourists but it's nice anyway.

Although I was in a photography mood, I didn't actually end up taking many pictures and most didn't turn out all that impressive.

Tomorrow, should be more interesting in terms of photography as I'll be heading north to Doi Angkhang on a motorbike. I am looking forward to be on the road again and not having to rely on train or buses.

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