Sunday, 9 February 2014

Day 187 - Sunday in Savannakhet

After enjoying a nice breakfast and coffee, I went for a stroll around Savannakhet. It looked and felt like a small town in the evening and it id mot change much during the day.

Being Sunday most places were closed and people were almost nowhere to be seen. There are a few temples to visit so and you can visit the, nice but small, dinosaur museum.

It was nice to jut wader round the small and dusty roads and I was grateful for the lack of other tourists when compared to the masses of tourists I have seen in the north.

Since the main part of town is quite small you can cover it very fast and see everything there is to see. By late afternoon it was time for some fruit juice and chilling till heading to the Mekong to take photos of the sunset.

Overall I enjoyed the day in Savannakhet, it is a sleepy town with few tourists or people around. I am not sure it'a worth staying for more than one day though, unless you want to chill out a bit.

So with this in mind, I will most likely head to Pakse or Thakek tomorrow.

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