Monday, 24 February 2014

Day 202 - Old and New Temples

After missing out on the sunrise in Sukhothai yesterday, I did get up on time today and almost managed it on time but the bus over there took a bit longer than I thought.

Still, I got there just after the sunrise and managed to get the photos I wanted in the central section of the park. Since I spent enough time wandering around here yesterday, I knew exactly where I wanted to go for what kind of photos in the morning.

Once I was done with the photos in the central section, I decided to head to the north section of the park and see some of the temples there.

Well, while the temples in the north section are nice it felt a bit like more of the same and the walk there was not really worth it. At least most of them are free, with exception of Wat Si Chum where they want to charge you 100 Baht (the same price as you pay for the whole central section!).

Since I didn't feel like paying that much for just one temple after spending enough time seeing all other temples, I headed back to the bus and to New Sukhothai for lunch.
In hindsight, if I would not have been that lazy to get up yesterday, I could have done everything in Sukhothai in one day.

After having lunch, I walked to the bus station to get my bus back to Phitsanulok. While my train for Chiang Mai was only departing after midnight, the last bus to Phitsanulok would leave at 18:00 and there was nothing more for me to do or see in Sukhothai.

I arrived in Sukhothai half an hour before sunset and after leaving my luggage at the station and getting my train ticket sorted, I had enough time to visit the temples in Phitsanulok.

After my night train, I should arrive in Chiang Mai in the morning and spend a few days there before heading to Chiang Rai and back.

Overall, I would say Sukhothai is a must see destination while in Thailand but do stay in the old part of town and you wont need more than one day there if you go for the sunset when you arrive from Phitsanulok and sunset the morning after before leaving for Phitsanulok again. You should also not need to rent a bike or spend your time with the other areas apart from the central area, this is unless you have to see every single temple.

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