Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 192 - Day 3 of the Bolaven Plateau Loop

Woke up early for breakfast and for a walk around Tat Lo, went to the waterfall again and took some photos around the village.

Tat Lo is a sleepy village with half a local crowd and the other half tourists, it kind of works better than in some other places I have seen here in Laos.

After a while of walking around and taking in the village life I decided to head to Salavan and check out the town. At 30 km it was not too far for a quick drive.

There was not that much to do in Salavan so I figured  will not only do the big loop but also the small loop so headed back to Paksong for lunch and coffee.

After having some Banh My for lunch and a coffee, I headed back to Tat Lo to pick up my stuff and head to Pakse.

I took some more photos around the waterfalls in Tat Lo and by the time I headed to Pakse it was almost getting dark.

Tomorrow, I will head to Don Khong, one of the 4000 Islands and then see what comes next.

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