Saturday, 22 February 2014

Day 200 - Bangkok to Phitsanulok and New Sukhothai

I left my hotel early in the morning to get the 8:30 express train to Phitsanulok, I had enough time for some photography in the way to the station though and was happy to come across the street full of parked tuk-tuks.

The train arrived in Phitsanulok around lunchtime and only 20 minutes later than scheduled. Since I had a small meal included in my train ticket, I did not need to stop for lunch and headed straight for the bus station to go to Sukhothai.

Not quite sure why now that I am here but I decided to stay in New Sukhothai so 12 km away from the Historical Park an the Old Sukhothai.

By the time the bus arrived in New Sukhothai, I checked in to my hotel and headed back out it was already after half past 4 so not worth heading to the park anymore.

Instead I decided to walk around New Sukhothai and check out the weekend market and sample some of the different juices and foods there.

The evening was spent taking it easy and wandering around the market some more before people were packing up.

Tomorrow will be all about the Old Historic Sukhothai so be prepared to see (way too many) photos of old temples and statues.

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