Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day 100 - More from Luang Prabang

This is the 100th day of my travels and at first I thought about doing something special like posting my favorite 100 pictures or write something but then I decided to jut keep it as every other day.

At first I planned to go through all the temples in the old part of town and do a series on that, then after the first one I realized I have been to so many temples here and in Thailand already that I did not need to see even more at this time.

I still went to a few temples on my way but spent the day jut walking around the city and going to the new part of town to see the differences.

I am not quite decided on whether to stay or leave tomorrow. I have seen everything I wanted to see here so kind of feel like another day is not needed but I have not yet made up my mind of where to go so maybe I should have another day to figure it out if I head further north an into Vietnam or back south and then into Vietnam.

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