Monday, 25 November 2013

Day 111 - Back Again to Hanoi

Arrived back in Hanoi early morning after a nice train journey, despite the hard sleepers actually being very hard to sleep on. The journey was made very pleasant thanks to the people I met on the train. It's always great to meet new people during my travels. Especially in Vietnam it's easy to strike a conversation with the locals even if they don't always speak English or I speakVietnamese.

Being back in Hanoi is very nice, I like the atmosphere and energy of the city as well as the chaos and madness at times.

Being back in Hanoi means that I can just relax and take it easy, wander around and take in the city. This is why the series is  bit shorter today.

It's nice to be back here again, this time I will stay for a longer time to enjoy and take in the city properly. Will look for a photography project in the coming days to keep me focused on something rather than just wandering the streets taking pictures.

So if there is something you would like to see me do s a project in Hanoi leave a comment, this will also get everyone reading and following this more involved.


  1. I've never seen motorbikes - or bikes - as over-over-loaded as they are in Hanoi! I tried to get a few pictures of extravagant cargoes heading to the Covered Market in the Old Quarter, but there were always too many other bikes in the way. Maybe you would have more luck...?

  2. Fascinating set of images. I love the butchers shop at the top, a wonderful natural urban shot.

  3. Hi Cristian. I wonder what meat that is in the butcher's shop?
    Also happy birthday and hope you continue to have a fantastic time out there :-)

  4. Thank for your comments!

    Rob, that's a pretty good idea and something I thought about doing.

    Kesh, not sure what meat that was bit maybe it's better this way. ;)

  5. Great pictures again. I like especially the first one were the moving flash of motorbikes suggest the traffic that you have to endure. Great street shot with speed.