Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 107 - Back to Foggy Sapa

After a not too pleasant and mostly sleepless night in the night bus, thanks to bumpy roads and lots of bends in the road, I arrived in Sapa at 4:30 in the morning. It was cold, wet and foggy but it was also nice being back here.

The morning was foggy but it kept brightening up a bit every now and then with the sun trying to get through the fog. It finally succeeded in the afternoon just as I was on my way to Cat Cat village for a walk.

The sun did not stay out for very long and towards the evening the fog crept back in, creating a nice eerie atmosphere.

Despite it being quite cold, the light was so nice that I went out after diner to take pictures of the town and people who were out. I like photographing in the fog as it gives a different atmosphere to the pictures and is a challenge of how much you get to see.

It was again a great day for photography in Sapa despite the cold and fog. Despite this, I hope it will be nice and clear tomorrow so I can go hiking up Fansipan mountain.
Failing this, I will jut chill here and take some more pictures in the fog.

Hanoi will be my next destination in a day or two when I am ready to leave Sapa.

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