Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 101 - A Temple and the Night Market in L.P.

At first I wanted to leave Luang Prabang today. I felt like I had seen everything so it was time to move on and get away from all the German and French tourists here.

Well, one can only move on if there is at least an idea of where to head next and I was still split between heading further north or back down south.

This meant I had to spend some time sorting out my next travel plans but I still wanted to go to the temple I could see the other day from Phou Si when I went there for the sunset. This temple was not on any map so I tried to find it by walking in the approximate direction and hoping I would see it when I am around the area.
I did find the temple eventually and it was worth the walk there as the views are very nice.

After getting back from the temple, I spent a few hours in front of the Surface trying to decide between north and south.
I finally managed to decide just before dinner time and my decision fell on going further north to Nong Khiaw and continuing from there to Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam and Sapa. Thanks to an abundance of travel agents in the city here and some being open late, I got my bus ticket for tomorrow morning.

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