Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 90 - Another Day in Bangkok

It's been almost 3 months now since I left London for my journey but it feels like a lifetime ago. A lot has happened, I have seen some fantastic places, met great people and overall had an amazing time.
Sure, not everything always went to plan and I had to improvise quite a few times, I lost my Fonepad, had my GXR A12-M with Jupiter-8 and Heliar 15mm lenses stolen and had to spend quite a few mornings looking for a replacement power adapter for my Surface. But all of this does not matter because the trip so far was well worth it and the best thing is that it's not anywhere near being over.

Today, is the last full day in Bangkok and since I have been here quite long it was just about taking it easy.

Just walking around a city is quite a nice experience as you can just take it in without the need to rush anywhere or feeling like you are missing out on things.

Tomorrow evening I will take the train from Bangkok to Vientiane for the next part of my journey in Laos. I am not sure what to expect and have not really planned my journey through Laos yet but as usual will take things as they come and see where the journey leads me. One thing I always know is that it will be great fun and very interesting.

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