Sunday, 10 November 2013

Day 96 - Views from Vang Vieng

Rented a bike this morning to go a bit further afield and explore the blue lagoon and the Tham Poukham cave. The day started a bit overcast but it was not too warm so nice for cycling.

On the way to the cave and lagoon you pass by rice fields, some very nice scenery and a few small villages. It is a very bumpy and rough ride though and despite having rented a mountain bike, it was not really comfortable.

Despite the rough and bumpy roads there, it is well worth a visit and both the lagoon and cave are worth seeing and exploring in case of the cave, just make sure you have a flashlight.

After exploring the lagoon and cave, it was time to head back in to town and return the bike and go explore the town by foot as it was more comfortable.

I wanted to take a picture of the sunset from one of the rice fields with the mountains as backdrop  ut there were clouds in front again so I was almost ready to give up when the sky turned a fantastic orange and red and bathed the whole surroundings in a surreal orange glow.
It was fantastic but impossible to capture properly on photos. Even the moon appeared to glow green through the orange cloud layer. I took quite a lot of pictures before it got too dark and just headed back for dinner and drinks after.

Tomorrow, I will be taking the morning bus to Luang Prabang but will try to get some pictures of the sunrise here (if I get up early enough that is).

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