Monday, 18 November 2013

Day 104 - The Crossroads of Muang Khua

The  oring was spent walking around Muang Ngoi in a last attempt at finiding the local area but without success so after having breakfast it was time to check regarding the boat to Muang Khua.

Things in Laos are never fixed and always subject to change or late so if you are in any kind of rush or hurry or work on a schedule don't come here as it will not work out.
The good news was that the boat was running but it was some 50 more expensive, in actual terms about 5 EUR. The better news was that it would be a boat just for two of us who decided to travel onwards today. After being a bit skeptical about this, it did in fact turn out that we had the boat to ourselves and had a fantastic 4h journey on the Nam Ou river.

The views are fantastic along the way and it's such an enjoyable experience to have a boat to yourself to just relax and take in the views. So if you can do go to Muang Ngoi and take the boat from there on a quiet day to really enjoy the trip, you don't want to be crammed with another 5-10 people on a small boat for a long journey.

Once we arrived in Muang Khua, it was time to look at what is available there and what the onward travel options are.

There were two different possibilities, one to go by boat further north to Hath Sa and from there to Phongsali, take a bus to Phongsali but change or take a direct bus to Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam.

Muang Khua definitely felt more local with very few tourists and even fewer places catering to tourists so it was a nice change but the city is not all that great and feels more like a crossroads town where people just pass through, a nice crossroads town though.

The decision of which way to head will fall in the morning and will depend on time, price and how I feel when waking up.

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